Wood­work, a stu­dio from the beau­ti­ful Neth­er­lands, has sent us their showreel along with this humble message:

Wood­work. We work. On films, graph­ics and pro­duc­tion. Together. Hard. Ded­ic­ated. With love. And drive. With great people. Every­day. Except on wood day. Which is not an offi­cial hol­i­day. Yet. No, ser­i­ously. We love our work. Not just the res­ult, but the whole pro­cess. The cre­at­ive part, the pro­duc­tion part, everything. The art of motion picture/graphics/production/sound. We love to make it happen.

Wood­work was carved out of the idea that digital and ana­log design can work together har­mo­ni­ously. Ori­gin­ally foun­ded by a duo of cre­at­ive vet­er­ans with a pas­sion for anim­a­tion, visual effects and live action, wood­work main­tains a design-led, hands on approach to everything they do. 24 frames per second. One detail at the time.

It is a pretty impress­ive reel, I must admit.

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