Here’s my new showreel. It includes my pro­fes­sional works and my per­sonal work which took many worth­ful hours at home after a busy day at office to do this. I love to cre­ate work of amazement and qual­ity by cre­at­ing the core ele­ments of a scene like Mod­el­ing, Tex­tur­ing, Light­ing, Matte paint­ings and Com­pos­it­ing with a planned concept and uni­fy­ing them with an aes­thetic sense. I hope I achieved it here and I also hope you enjoy the breakdowns.

The char­ac­ters in the lava scene were down­loaded from free online lib­rary. Thanks to

You can find more about my work and pro­file here:

  • artist/studio: pavan veeramaneni
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