If you need some ideas on what a one-man-show can achieve you can find out by look­ing at Utku Onal’s 2011 showreel. I per­son­ally would have gone with a dif­fer­ent soundtrack, but the work is def­in­itely highly pro­fes­sional. Utku’s words:

“I am a motion designer  from Tur­key / Istanbul.My showreel includes works from 2007 to 2010 i choosed more per­sonal works rather than com­mer­cial ones,but i added some web page based pro­jects gen­er­ally I am work­ing with digital agen­cies as in house mul­ti­me­dia designer. Cheers.”

  • artist: Utku Onal
  • loc­a­tion: Tur­key (Istanbul)
  • cat­egor­ies: art dir­ec­tion, 3D anim­a­tion, motion graphics
  • year: 2011
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