While CERN is still search­ing for the Higgs-Boson we can already offer you the Higgs-Showreel:

“My name is Tiago Higgs, I´m a Motion Designer and I´ve worked in Lon­don on a freel­ance basis for almost 3 years. Dur­ing my time as a pro­fes­sional freel­ance Motion Designer, I have con­trib­uted to such lead­ing brands as Microsoft, Chan­nel 4 Music, Com­edy Cent­ral, Nike, MTV, Chev­ro­let, TMN, Lexus, Sam­sung, Hal­i­fax and through agen­cies such as Super­fad, Bruce Dun­lop, Agency Repub­lic, GT, Bauer Media, Joshua G2, DLKW, Trix, Sub­filmes, Light Film, The Stu­dio and oth­ers. Actu­ally I live and freel­ance all over Europe. Con­tact me for any questions.”

  • artist: Tiago Higgs
  • cat­egory: motion graphics
  • loc­a­tion: United King­dom (London)
  • year: 2010
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  1. cam
    6 Sep 11 at 01:43

    too much nick camp­bell in an oth­er­wise awe­some demo reel

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