Showreel Look­dev 2017 v1

After gradu­at­ing from Supin­focom Arles, I worked in Lon­don at Nexus Pro­duc­tion and joined MPC Mon­tréal in Feb­ru­ary 2014 as Look­dev / Light­ing TD until May 2016, and got hired since by Rodeo FX.

In order of appearance:

-“Xmen : Apo­ca­lypse” : I worked on many assets, includ­ing the cg doubles of Angel, Archangel, Jean Grey, Beast, Psy­locke, Mys­tique, Nightcrawler, Quick­sil­ver and Cyc­lops, as well as many other assets like the pyramid.

-“Into the Woods” : I worked on many shots includ­ing destruc­tions, particles, smokes, CG creatures and CG envir­on­ments. I also worked on look­devs includ­ing CG creatures and plants.

-“Valérian” : On going pro­jet, on which I am work­ing as a top mid light­ing TD on space battles or full cg environments.

-“Exodus” : This show was mainly about light­ing huge amount of crowds, eniv­r­on­ments and smokes and man­aging to make them render. I also did some look­dev for CG chariots.

-“Fant­astic 4″ : I worked on the look­dev of the green lava, the Torch, and other props and vehicules, and lit a lot of shots includ­ing CG char­ac­ters, CG envir­on­ments, destruc­tions and fx.

-“Cinder­ella” : I worked on many shots includ­ing destruc­tions, CG creatures, CG envir­on­ments, and crowds, for which I also did the lookdev.

  • artist/studio: Thomas Bourdis
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