A fast cut of some of my per­sonal and com­mer­cial anim­a­tion pro­jects from 2012 up to today. The reel is divided into three sections:

00:00-00:25 = cut-outs
00:26-00:50 = mod­i­fied base tech­niques
00:51-01:16 = stop-motion or oth­er­wise three-dimensional.

I enjoy using dif­fer­ent tech­niques that have a hand-made root or sens­ib­il­ity. In this reel you can see paper cut-outs, painted plastic cut-outs, photo cut-outs, sand anim­a­tion, paint on glass, marker on glass, ink on glass, strata sten­cil, mural animation/pixilation, object anim­a­tion, live-action pup­petry, wire anim­a­tion, large scale time lapse and snow animation.

Cli­ents include TEDed, the music groups Dark Hip Falls and The Anim­at­ors, numer­ous inde­pend­ent doc­u­ment­ar­ies and promo videos.
For more info on com­mis­sioned work: http://www.tessmartinart.com/commissions/
For more info on my per­sonal work: http://www.tessmartinart.com/films/

Email: tess [at] tessmartinart.com

Music: Whis­per­ing Through by Asura

  • artist/studio: Tess Martin
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