Music used: Bathy­sphere - Where’s Vicky (Quantic Remix) (manu cut)

Pre­vi­ous Showreels:

Anim­a­tions (in order they appear):
When We Were a Clock (Когда Мы Были Часами):
Slob­ber com­mer­cial for LE:
Gid­Fit opener (done!):
Car­toon Sports Opener:
The Jour­ney of a Green Goat (Путешествие Зелёной Козы):
(in pro­gress)
Slob­ber com­mer­cial for I:
Lomobog Heavy Fire sprite:
The birth of an Object under the concept of J. Lacan
Ball’o’sophy (work­ing title) Из жизни мячиков
(in pro­gress)
Into people
Car­toon Light­ning Pack
Car­toon Splash Pack
Car­toon Power Pack
Toon Particles Pack
Plasma Pack
Dynamic Dub­step Opener
River keeper

  • artist/studio: Alex­andr Tanana
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