A col­lec­tion of vari­ous research, anim­a­tion test, pitch­ing, and shots that got ditched for the final pro­duc­tion.
Due to a lack of inter­est­ing pro­duc­tions lately, I decided to com­pile a short with some of my stuff that never made it.

Music: Johnny Rock - Back in time https://soundcloud.com/johnnyrockmusic

Please see cred­its of assets used.

3d char­ac­ter scan by Ten24.info
Mex­ican skull by Lind­sey Kit­chell sketchfab.com/lindseykitchell
Statue 3d scan by Jerry Fisher https://sketchfab.com/jerryfisher
Car tun­nel scene comped by Axel Klostermann

  • artist/studio: Morten Fossoy
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