Hello there!

I’m Steve and I’m a freel­ance Anim­ator, Motion Designer and Editor cur­rently liv­ing in Manchester but mov­ing to Van­couver in January.

This is my latest showreel to coin­cide with the launch of my new web­site: http://stevenswanboroughdesign.com/
In there you will see my 4 latest pro­jects: BBC Rio Olympics Brand­ing, Hyundai Anim­a­tion, Centre Point and JD Christ­mas Ads.
For more inform­a­tion on any of the pro­jects show­cased have a look through my port­fo­lio or if you would rather, just drop me a line:


I’d love to hear from you. Many thanks,


Music: Since You Been Gone – The Heavy
Copy­right Counter Records

  • artist/studio: Steven Swanborough
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