Let it be known that from this day forth the showreels on STRICTLYSHOWREELS.com will be avail­able for the iPad and iPhone!

I know many of you will love brows­ing through the showreels on your iPad. From the start STRICTLY SHOWREELS was built with this in mind. We went straight for a lean HTML-5 & CSS3 lay­out, so the web­site worked on Apple’s devices beau­ti­fully. But the showreels them­selves wouldn’t show up, as most video-platforms hand’t yet made the jump to HTML5 video. Thanks to Vimeo’s new way of video-player embed­ding the videos can now be watched on devices incap­able of dis­play­ing Flash-content, open­ing our little place of inspir­a­tion to exactly the kind of read­ers it is inten­ded for.

I’m not sure if or how fast I will be able to con­vert past entries to the new format, but all showreels on the front­page are already avail­able to the HTML-5 crowd.



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