Particles - they make motion graph­ics bet­ter. Just take a look at Tom Freitag’s 2010 showreel and tell me those VFX don’t look gor­geous. His skills aren’t lim­ited to sim­u­la­tion, though. As is quite typ­ical for Ger­man motion design­ers he is well roun­ded and does ren­der­ing, mod­el­ling and anim­a­tion with great pre­ci­sion, too. Tom is a freel­an­cer and cur­rently works in Ber­lin for the likes of Emmerich and Pure.

  • artist: Tom Freitag
  • loc­a­tion: Ger­many (Berlin)
  • cat­egor­ies: particle sim­u­la­tion, motion graph­ics, VFX
  • year: 2010
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