Rob Wienk’s showreel shows the true bread and but­ter of motion graph­ics freel­an­cers: logo anim­a­tions and short com­mer­cials. It’s a very good example of the kind of work one per­son out­side of a huge stu­dio can accom­plish in a com­mer­cial con­text and sets a nice bench­mark for artists just get­ting into the industry.

Rob Wienk is a recent gradu­ate from the Academy of Applied Arts & Tech­no­logy who has worked as an intern at design stu­dios META­phrenie in Ber­lin, and more recently, BUCK in New York. Right now he is freel­an­cing at vari­ous stu­dios in Berlin.

  • artist: Rob Wienk
  • loc­a­tion: Ger­many (Berlin)
  • year: 2010
  • cat­egory: motion graphics
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