Los Angeles based pro­duc­tion com­pany NATL (National Tele­vi­sion) have relaunched their brand with a new web­site and new showreel. It’s super-professional work and a joy to watch with great pro­jects and a killer soundtrack. Roger Dar­nell of Leviathan fame sent us the whole press-release which you can find after the jump.

HOLLYWOOD and NEW YORK - (Nov. 19, 2012) - The lead­ers of cre­at­ive pro­duc­tion com­pany National Tele­vi­sion (NATL, www.natl.tv) are very proud to announce the launch of their new cor­por­ate iden­tity and web­site, as well as a new mont­age reel fea­tur­ing 80 of the company’s most excit­ing and inter­est­ing pro­jects from the past eight years, draw­ing from com­mer­cials, music videos, net­work IDs, promos and brand films.

Pro­grammed by the tal­ents at LA-based inter­act­ive design firm Loyal Design and designed by NATL’s Chris Dooley and David Chun, with addi­tional cre­at­ive and pro­duc­tion input from Brumby Boyl­ston, Brian Won and Jared Lib­it­sky, the company’s new web­site presents NATL’s “greatest hits” in more depth, along with its latest news, press cov­er­age, new pro­jects, archives, social media links and more.

“We know how frus­trat­ing it is to nav­ig­ate a web­site that is cluttered and unor­gan­ized, which is why we recently made it our top pri­or­ity to cre­ate a user-friendly site,” Boyl­ston began. “With our port­fo­lio expand­ing rap­idly, we wanted to let our vast and diverse body of work speak for itself. We wanted some­thing clean, simple and eleg­ant that would make it extremely easy for vis­it­ors to search our projects.”

Asked about the new mont­age, Won expressed his pride over the wide range of work it reflects. “Using myriad tech­niques, we’ve been able to cre­at­ively problem-solve and come up with fresh and inter­est­ing approaches to a num­ber of unique visual prob­lems,” he said. “Some of our favor­ites include the robot in the Ogilvy video, the Unstuck cam­paign, the Com­cast ‘Fan­cast’ com­mer­cial and our Amer­ican Express ‘Play Doh’ spot. Each of these pro­jects used a dif­fer­ent tech­nique, ran­ging from char­ac­ter anim­a­tion, cel anim­a­tion, and stop-motion to fol­ded paper.”

Since launch­ing in LA in 2004, NATL is now widely known for awe-inspiring design, anim­a­tion and live-action storytelling. Over the years, its repu­ta­tion has expan­ded inter­na­tion­ally, to the point where last year the prin­cipals launched a new stu­dio in New York City. Dooley now makes his home in the city, and by all accounts, the move has been extremely for­tu­it­ous. “We had been in LA for seven years and we were doing more and more busi­ness over­seas, espe­cially in the UK, so our decision to open an office in New York was a nat­ural pro­gres­sion,” he explained. “The expan­sion has allowed us to cre­ate a pres­ence on the U.S. East Coast while also being closer to agen­cies abroad. Addi­tion­ally, as an artist, liv­ing in New York has been an incred­ible inspir­a­tion. The cul­ture in the city is so vibrant and cre­at­ive it has def­in­itely added some excite­ment and fresh­ness to our work.”

So far, pro­jects handled through NATL’s New York stu­dio include the firm’s first film title pro­ject for Warner Broth­ers, three live-action spots for Syfy Net­work, an anim­ated promo for the BBC’s Chan­nel 4, and two live-action com­mer­cials, digital bill­boards, web assets and print for a national U.K. cam­paign for O2, to name but a few.

Mean­while, after mov­ing into a new Midtown stu­dio in Los Angeles earlier this year, the West Coast also has been busy with new pro­jects for CMT, Wal­greens, Zales and many oth­ers. “Col­lect­ively, all of our expan­sion efforts have been great for NATL,” Lib­it­sky con­firmed. “We have been tak­ing a lot more agency meet­ings on both coasts, and hav­ing a lot more face-to-face cli­ent inter­ac­tions. We’ve essen­tially doubled our resources, and now we are hand­ling twice as much work.”

Look­ing ahead, NATL is focused on numer­ous new pro­jects. One is a national cam­paign for a major fin­an­cial insti­tu­tion fea­tur­ing celebrity tal­ent, and they’re also devel­op­ing a sports pack­age for a major life­style TV net­work. They also have a chal­len­ging new pro­ject under­way cre­at­ing an anim­ated in-game title sequence with top-tier video­game com­pany, and another devis­ing an out­door video install­a­tion for a high-profile, celebrity-driven destination.

NATL.tv is cur­rently nom­in­ated for “Site of the Day” hon­ors in the pres­ti­gi­ous Favour­ite Web­site Awards (FWA). To cast your vote and learn more about this pro­ject, please visit www.thefwa.com/submissions/natl-tv. To check out the new site and mont­age reel and keep up with all the company’s devel­op­ments, please visit www.natl.tv.

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