We are mov­ing graph­ics! We are a young design agency from munich - ger­many. Side by side with our cli­ents, we cre­ate emo­tion for a global audi­ence. We do for example anim­ated infograph­ics, abstract explan­at­ory, movie intros, title & credit sequences, game cutscenes, on air design, story based image films, com­mer­cials, stage anim­a­tions for events and fairs and cor­por­ate design. For you it’s straight­for­ward. You get everything from one source.

Our ser­vices cover a wide range, start­ing from pro­fes­sional con­sult­ing to script­ing, story­boards, mood­boards and style frames all the way to the final pro­ject, as well as con­tinu­ing sup­port. If you have fur­ther needs and wishes, we can fall back on our large net­work of long time col­leagues, that includes dir­ect­ors, com­posers, foley artists, nat­ive speak­ers, highly spe­cial­ist designer, pro­gram­mers and cam­era artists.

So give us a call and let your vis­ion become our com­mon vision!

Music by TheFat­Rat (harrow@milkhoneyla.com)

  • artist/studio: Wel­t­en­wand­ler Design
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