You might want to wait for a quite moment to watch this one. Miguel de Olaso, or Mac­gregor as he calls him­self, is a dir­ector cur­rently resid­ing in Mad­rid and all around inter­est­ing guy. His reel is noth­ing short of breath­tak­ing and already a clas­sic among dir­ect­ors and any­one inter­ested in fram­ing and light­ing amaz­ing shots. Pre­pare to be amazed.

(And a word of warn­ing to our Amer­ican users: it con­tains brief nud­ity and could be con­sidered not safe for work)

  • artist: Miguel de Olaso
  • loc­a­tion: Spain (Madrid)
  • year: 2009
  • cat­egor­ies: film pro­duc­tion, art direction
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