A col­lec­tion of pro­jects from uni­ver­sity assign­ments whilst study­ing a mas­ters degree at the NCCA, as well as per­sonal pro­jects and R&D. Houd­ini and Nuke are the primary tools used for these pro­jects. How­ever, Maya has also been used for some mod­el­ling, shad­ing, light­ing and rendering.

Pro­ject breakdown:

Space­craft re-entry - mod­el­ling, tex­tur­ing, shad­ing, pyro + particle FX and light­ing using Houd­ini. Com­pos­ited in Nuke.

Group pro­ject - pro­ced­ural mod­el­ling, tex­tur­ing, shad­ing and light­ing using Houd­ini. Com­pos­ited in Nuke.

Mas­ters pro­ject - mod­el­ling of hero build­ings, tex­tur­ing, shad­ing, cloud FX and light­ing using Houdini.

Jump­ing spiders - shad­ing, light­ing and ren­der­ing using Maya and VRay. Com­pos­ited in Nuke.

Hard sur­face mod­els - cre­ated with Maya.


  • artist/studio: Lewis Jones
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