I really couldn’t describe the work of Jul & Mat, two freel­ance dir­ect­ors from France, bet­ter then themselves:

“Work­ing with cut up paste­board, glued together with After Effects, we’re about return­ing to primary mater­i­als and redis­cov­er­ing “slow. Anim­ated toys and crumpled paper, chan­ging faces, chan­ging clothes, all in improb­able set­tings, a mix of real­ity and post-production, of sim­pli­city and tech­niques. Our videos are for shar­ing, are access­ible to every­one and go bey­ond any lan­guage barrier.”

Their showreel is a rare chance to see mod­ern motion graph­ics almost entirely done with ana­logue tools.

  • stu­dio: Jul & Mat
  • loc­a­tion: France
  • year: 2009
  • cat­egor­ies: art dir­ec­tion, video production
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