André Nic­olas from France gives us an explo­sion of cre­ativ­ity and a power­ful fresh take on motion-graphics in his 2008 showreel for his INCOG. DESIGN BURÖ and the PLAY Live Motion Col­lect­ive. To find out what these are you’ll best ask him yourself.

His reel is guar­an­teed to lighten up your day with a super-happy soundtrack and some of the fast­est visu­als I’ve recently seen. It also con­tains a wealth of pop-culture ref­er­ences, can you spot them all?

  • artist: André Nic­olas
  • loc­a­tion: France (Toulouse)
  • year: 2008
  • cat­egor­ies: motion graphics
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