Switzer­land is know for it’s engin­eer­ing qual­ity and this showreel from Freestu­dios leaves noth­ing to be desired. It’s eas­ily fit for the inter­na­tional domain and I actu­ally expec­ted it to be from a stu­dio in Lon­don or Los Angeles. We take this oppor­tun­ity to intro­duce our new cat­egory “full ser­vice” which fits nicely for com­plex showreels as this one. Thanks for send­ing it in and Grüezi!

  • stu­dio: Freestu­dios
  • cat­egory: full service
  • loc­a­tion: Switzer­land (Genève)
  • year: 2011
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  1. 3 Jul 11 at 12:13

    Awe­some work and awe­some music track chosen. I per­son­ally am from India. Cheers to the choice :)

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