I’m still hav­ing trouble keep­ing things up-to-date along­side all my project-work. And now that I finally find some time I’m going on a well-deserved trip to Ber­lin. Speak­ing of Ber­lin: here’s the showreel of Extra­jetzt, a digital media studio/agency with quite the var­ied port­fo­lio. It’s lot’s of inter­act­ive stuff and it really shows how much design goes into games and inter­act­ive applic­a­tions. Have a fun week­end, I know I will!

  • stu­dio: Extra­jetzt
  • loc­a­tion: Ger­many (Berlin)
  • cat­egorie: inter­act­ive, motion graphics
  • year: 2010


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