Elias Wider­dal sent in this extremely short but prom­ising showreel. He’s another tal­en­ted alumni of the Hyper Island motion graphic design school and just fin­ished his half-year inter­ship at +1 in Ams­ter­dam. Now he’s back in Sweden and look­ing for freelance-work and watch­ing his reel I’m sure he’ll find enough.

  • artist: Elias Widerdal
  • loc­a­tion: Sweden
  • cat­egor­ies: 3D anim­a­tion, VFX, fluid simulation
  • year: 2010
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  1. Lettie
    25 Sep 11 at 18:32

    Unpar­alleled accur­acy, ueqnuvi­coal clar­ity, and undeni­able importance!

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