Have some real foot­age for a change! I couldn’t help but love Romaric Croisile’s cine­ma­to­graphy: it’s clean, smart and over­all beau­ti­ful. I’d bet on a back­ground in pho­to­graphy, judging from the fram­ing and over­all picture-design. Great stuff all around, you’ll def­in­itely enjoy it.

  • artist: Romaric Croisile
  • loc­a­tion: France (Paris)
  • cat­egory: cinematography
  • year: 2011
  1. 29 Mar 14 at 17:32

    really thanks , i’m not deserving so much compliments !

  2. 21 May 14 at 11:20

    Dear Sir,

    you once shoot a beau­ti­ful video with a Jag­uar XK 120 Road­ster to be sold by Mr. “Jack Le Mans”.

    I would like to get in tofu with this gen­tle­men because I am inter­ested in the Jag.

    Can you help ?

    with kind regards
    C. Langreuter

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