Here is my latest cine­ma­to­graphy showreel, expand­ing over many pro­jects from 2016 & 2017.

Pro­jects have been Music, Cor­por­ate, Fash­ion & Fitness.

Pro­ject Directors -

Craig Charlton

Tim Marner

I have shot all over the world from UK, USA, Aus­tralia, Italy & Spain.

Equip­ment used:
Red Scar­let Weapon 5K
Red Weapon 6K
Red Epic Dragon 6K
Sony FS7 4K
Sony FS700 HD
Canon C300 HD
Canon C100 HD
Canon 5D Mark ii HD
Canon 7D

Lenses Used:
Arri Ultra Primes
Canon Cine Primes
Sigma Art Zooms/Primes
Zeiss Otus Primes
Canon L Series Primes
Rokinon Cine Primes
Ana­morphic SLR Magic

Con­tact Details:
Ins­tagram @craigcharltonfilms

Music - Haux /Caves (Samurai Remix)

  • artist/studio: Craig Charlton
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