We cut together some of our favor­ite pro­jects over the last few years. Thank you to all the incred­ibly tal­en­ted artists who col­lab­or­ate with us, shar­ing their cre­ativ­ity, pas­sion and ded­ic­a­tion. And to our awe­some cli­ents and part­ners. We look for­ward to what’s to come!

You can find our 2015 reel here (https://vimeo.com/142922849)
Other work, includ­ing making-of and blog art­icles, can be found at our site: CoatofArmsPost.com
Feel free to get in touch, we’re always look­ing to build rela­tion­ships and collaborate!

Intro Anim­a­tion -
Writer/Director/Producer: Clara Lehmann
Producer/Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Illus­tra­tion: Friederich Deter­ing
Anim­a­tion: Mel­isa Farina, Ricardo Nils­son, and Vic­tor Silva
Outro Anim­a­tion: Ariel Costa
Sound Design: Jenna Coyle
Ori­ginal Music: Takénobu, Reversal

  • artist/studio: Coat of Arms
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