Today we have some­thing very spe­cial for you: a showreel purely focused on slow-motion. And not the usual kind of slow-mo, but really high-speed foot­age. You won’t believe what kind of qual­ity can be achieved with comer­cially avail­able camers these days. After watch­ing this reel I have a feel­ing we need to check this out back here at our little pro­duc­tion com­pany. But for now I would highly recom­mend Charles Ber­gquist if you need some amaz­ing pic­tures in ultra-slow-motion.


The cam­era used here is an Olym­pus iSpeed 3 which you can rent at Jordan Klein Equip­ment in Flor­ida. (And if you are won­der­ing: no, I don’t get paid for this).


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