Some research on our recent stat­ist­ics has shown that our read­ers are highly inter­ested in turk­ish motion graph­ics artists. So from now on we will try to find some more showreels from this fast-growing region with it’s vast cul­tural heritage.

We start off with the com­pet­ent and often beau­ti­ful reel from Bahar Pasa, an art-director from Istan­bul, Tur­key. If it weren’t for the bor­ing music this would eas­ily have made a lot more likes on Vimeo. Her work is pro­fes­sional and inspired and the vari­ety of styles is a tell­tale sign for open-mindedness. Bahar is cur­rently employed at Man­a­jans JWT but look­ing for oppur­tun­ites “make [her] life bet­ter” as she so nicely points out.

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  • artist: Bahar Pasa
  • loc­a­tion: Tur­key (Istanbul)
  • cat­egor­ies: motion graphics
  • year: 2009

[edited: In the ori­ginal ver­sion of this post Bahar Pasa was described with male adject­ives until she informed us she’s actu­ally a woman. Sorry for that.]

Bahar Pasa­Ba­har Pasa­Ba­har Pasa
  1. 31 Aug 10 at 11:21

    Hey guys, thank you for these nice words about my work, you are so kind but I wish to be informed before you doing this. So I would have the oppor­tun­ity to let you know that I’m a woman not man!

  2. 31 Aug 10 at 11:53

    We are incred­ibly sorry for that and changed it immediately.

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