Set the dials on the way-back machine, this was one of my earli­est attempts to organ­ize clips of my anim­a­tion (mater­ial I had often also dir­ec­ted, and/or shot), into some form of a sample reel, includ­ing mater­ial that dates back as far as when I was in col­lege (the late 1970’s). The reel includes both inde­pend­ent and com­mer­cial work, old fash­ioned 2-D and 3-D anim­a­tion (as in cel anim­a­tion and stop motion), clay anim­a­tion and roto­scop­ing, cut-out anim­a­tion and Oxberry cam­era motion graph­ics. The music is some­thing I recor­ded off the Radio on WFMU, I might be wrong but I think it was “Neo­lithic Female” by The Club­foot Orches­tra.
You can see a some­what later ver­sion of my anim­at­ors reel at

  • artist/studio: Robert Lyons
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