I’ve always been hes­it­ant to post act­ing showreels. Most of them are not visu­ally inter­est­ing, often just bee­ing a col­lec­tion of uncon­nec­ted scenes without any over­arch­ing idea. For­tu­nately Aline Joers came along with the first act­ing reel that is worth watch­ing. She took the very smart step to have it spe­cific­ally pro­duced and filmed (by Mantas Jockus), and the res­ult is abso­lutely worth the effort. The reel gives a good first impres­sion of her range without any dis­trac­tion by other act­ors or scenery. I hope more act­ors will take this as an inspir­a­tion and pro­duce higher-quality showreels.

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