2016 Motion Reel

2016 Motion Reel

A com­pil­a­tion of all the 2016 live events, videos and pro­jec­tion map­ping projects.

I edited and mixed down the song Loud(y) by Louis Del Mar.

00:00 Concept, Art Dir­ec­tion, Design, Anim­a­tion and Brand­ing
00:08 Art Dir­ec­tion, 2d Anim­a­tion, Char­ac­ter Rig­ging
00:10 Anim­a­tion, Mod­el­ing Post Effects
00:17 Typo­graphy, Anim­a­tion
00:18 Logo anim­a­tion, Color Grad­ing, Post Effects
00:20 Anim­a­tion, Con­tent Cre­ation
00:20-23 Live Event Floor Pro­jec­tion Map­ping, Con­tent Cre­ation
00:24 Con­tent cre­ation, Anim­a­tion, Live Event Graph­ics
00:25 Art Dir­ec­tion, Concept, Anim­a­tion
00:28 Anim­a­tion, Typo­graphy
00:31 Art Dir­ec­tion, Mosaic Anim­a­tion
00:32 C4d 3d Mod­el­ing, Light­ing, Ren­der­ing, Post Effects
00:33 C4d 3d Mod­el­ing, Typo­graphy, Anim­a­tion
00:34 Logo Anim­a­tion
00:35 Cel anim­a­tion, Typo­graphy, Post Effects
00:37 Art Dir­ec­tion, Anim­a­tion, Char­ac­ter Rig­ging, Color Grad­ing
00:39 Logo Anim­a­tion and Ambi­ent BG
00:40 Art Dir­ec­tion, Anim­a­tion, Char­ac­ter Rig­ging, Color Grad­ing
00:43 Com­pos­ite of all widescreen live event shows that I have oper­ated
00:45 Live onsite pro­jec­tion map­ping pro­jects cre­at­ing all anim­a­tions, warp­ing and programming

  • artist/studio: Jason Ritter
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