Check out the last Umbrella VFX Showreel!
In our shot/task man­ager sys­tem we achieved a bril­liant bridge between the Artist, the Super­visor and Cus­tom­ers all over the World.
For the sci-fi exper­i­mental effect the pro­ced­ural anim­ated 3D texture(fluid) has been cre­ated in Maya, with mul­tiple scripts to get the nat­ural unstable move­ment to achieve the desired final look. After­wards we have setup the render passes in Nuke also using UVpass to wrap extra tex­tures on the rendered anim­ated mod­els.
For pan­or­ama shots and cleanups we developed inhouse tools using our loved Nuke’s cam­era pro­jec­tion sys­tem with pointclouds and relight­ing tools.
You will see break­down shots we fin­ished for the fea­ture film Six Dance Les­sons in Six Weeks. Nearly 250 VFX shots.
100 VFX shots for HAYAH I.S.F., and 70 VFX shots for the sci-fi movie Divorce. You will also see visual effects for com­mer­cials like Pepsi, McDon­alds and many more.

  • artist/studio: Umbrella
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